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Sun Valley: A Spiritual Vortex

by Hayden Seder

There’s a certain magnetism to Sun Valley, a pull that draws in people from all walks of life. People come to vacation here for a few days and decide to move here. Celebrities, athletes, chefs, artists, and all manner of passionate people are drawn to this special place. The reason, according to Life Purpose Shaman, the owner of the Crystal Healing Room in Ketchum, is a positive energy vortex at the center of Sun Valley which she discovered 25 years ago. Shaman has had 30-plus years of experience healing, including receiving mentoring from Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa, and the Dalai Lama. Shaman explains how and why she came to Sun Valley and the impact of the vortex on the energy of our town and its inhabitants...Read More

By communicating with Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides and her Shamanic healing abilities, Life Purpose Shaman is the secret to success in Life Purpose Discovery, Soulmate Connection and healing your soul, spirit and body. She has become an internationally known treasure for those seeking enlightenment. Having been personally mentored since childhood by teachers around the world such as Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa, and the Dalai Lama, Shaman is the sacred vessel through which God's love can be felt and experienced. She has returned lifetime after lifetime with the same purpose, to be a teacher of teachers. To help you become who you were born to be so that together we can heal the world.

About Us

About Us

  The Crystal Healing Room is a meditation center and crystal gallery. Created by the House of Angels Foundation, 501(c)3, this space is at its heart, a sanctuary. We feature guided meditations, meditation classes, meditation tools, high vibration cleansed crystals, and shamanic guidance (upon availability). All proceeds benefit the House of Angels Foundation, 501(c)3 who’s mission it is to create the Indigo Institute.

The Indigo Camp will be a place for individuals born with exceptional abilities. We are here to guide, nurture and provide sanctuary for indigo people so they can begin to fully live their life’s purpose which is to heal the planet with inner balance.

      The Foundation also provides safe houses for those escaping abusive situations, give to the poor, and provide for children in third world countries in their basic needs (food, clothing, medical supplies, educational tools, toys, etc.).

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Crystal Healing Room

571 4th Street E, Ketchum, ID 83340

Tel: 208-913-0404


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